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Multi-Dealer Databases

The multi-dealer book databases are probably the least time-consuming, and the most profitable sites to sell out-of-print books. However, they are not worth the effort until you have at least several hundred books catalogued. If you want my opinion, ABE is the place to start. But if you have a moment, read some further commentary on the issue

Book Databases

  • Advanced Book Exchange - Probably offers more help to the beginning seller than any other database. They give away HomeBase, which is inventory software for booksellers, have a tollfree telephone number, and give you access to the Barnes & Noble, and Amazon programs. ABE, when I include my B&N orders, WAS my topselling site. But no longer.
  • Alibris - Originally called Interloc, it was set up as a private subscriber database a few years ago. So, while it's a newcomer to the web, it's the longest running. They do not charge a fee to list your books, instead they take a 20% cut of the selling price.
  • Amazon zShops Used to produce substantial sales, but after the introduction of Marketplace (which is not available to international sellers like me...), there's been a considerable drop in volume.
  • Antiqbook - Based in the Netherlands, but don't let that stop you from listing with them. It will give you better access to the European market. It's a nice database, it's searched by all the metatools (Bookfinder, AddAll, etc.), and it will produce sales.
  • Antiquarian Books in Scandinavia
  • Bibliofind - Bibliofind was bought out by, and subsequently scuttled. It no longer exists.
  • - Brendan Sherar (owner) says "We offer a very fast and accurate search engine, automated want notification, do not charge any commissions to either buyer or seller. We also support multiple photographs for books, featured listings and galleries. We focus on promoting our independent booksellers and bookbuyers and helping them to establish direct contact with one another."
  • Biblion - British.
  • - Based in Switzerland. It offers individual interfaces in five languages.
  • Biblioroom - French/Belgian.
  • Book Avenue - In general it won't produce quite as many sales as ABE or Bibliofind. But it's a good site, and they work hard to improve it.
  • Bookopoly - Charges very low fees based on sales. If you sell a book for under $3.00 it's free. $3.01 - $10.00 is 25 cents. $10.01 - $20.00 is 50 cents. Over $20.00 is $1.00. But they have low traffic.
  • - French. Carries both new and used. Apparently quite fast, lots of inventory, items are mostly higher-priced. Doesn't seem to give any information on joining as a seller. But it is possible to sell to Chapitre through ABE.
  • - My current favourite site.
  • Clik-Books - British.
  • Independent Booksellers Network - British
  • Digital Bibliophile - Rates are comparable to Bibliofind or ABE. It's a nice site, with knowledgeable people behind it. However, like most of the newer sites, it just lacks the volume of traffic.
  • Galaxidion - A French Database. A French collector has told me that it has good content, but is sometimes very slow.
  • - No listing fees. Charges a 15% commission. The system is based on ISBN numbers, so all you need to do is enter the ISBN, the condition, and a price. It only allows US-based sellers.
  • IberLibro - Spanish.
  • JustBooks UK British - has been purchased by the Advanced Book Exchange.
  • JustBooks German version
  • Livre-rare-book - French.
  • MyOwnBookshop
  • - Swiss.
  • UKBookWorld - British.
  • TomFolio - A cooperative database owned by booksellers. It's just starting out, so there's no telling how sales will be. However, it's worth keeping an eye on.
  • World Book Dealers - Limited to members of the International League of Antiquarian Booksellers (ILAB). Just recently launched, and seems to consist of high-end specialists.
  • Zentrales Verzeichnis Antiquarischer B�cher - A German database. A French collector has told me that it is "absolutely great".
  • 21 North Main - Seems to have gone bankrupt.

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