Email Lists (Listservs)

E-mail lists are generally closed. That means that only subscribers can post or read messages. The chances of being spammed are much lower than on the Usenet. Rather like an email version of a newsgroup or bulletin board, and the same rules apply for the most part.

For even more book-related lists, try Email Lists for Booklovers.

  • The Bibliophile Mailing List (aka Biblio) - An email list which you subscribe to. You will receive email messages from other members of the list, and be able to post your own messages. This is a very busy list. It has something over 1000 subscribers, and some days it seems like most of them have something to say... Many of the members are booksellers, and posting a want here is pretty likely to get some kind of response.
  • The BooksCanada Mailing List - If you're looking for a Canadian book, this is the most likely place. 350+ subscribers. Traffic is much lower than Biblio.
  • Rare-Books Mailing List - A list which generally focuses on much more expensive items. If the book you are looking for is really quite rare, then this might be a good place to try.
  • Bookstore Junkies - If you want to join a cooperative community of booksearchers, this is the place. The list is especially good for finding paperback romance, mystery, and science fiction, but any genre, so long as it's fiction, is allowed. There are some very strict rules about how this list is used, so you should read the faq first.
  • Non-Fiction Junkies - This list is a spin-off from Bookstore Junkies, and operates on the same principles, except that members look for non-fiction books.
  • UK Books - Good for finding books published in Britain, as many members are based in the UK and Europe.
  • ChildBks - Childrens books.
  • L'Agora des Bibliophiles - Books in French
  • Limes - Scandinavian rare and antique books.
  • Antiqbook - European rare and antique books.
  • NanBoek - Dutch rare and antique books.
  • Bibliofind ModernFirsts - First edition fiction.
  • Bibliofind WTB - Books wanted on any subjects.
  • Bibliofind Regional: Australia/New Zealand - Books published in Australia & New Zealand
  • Bibliofind Sporting Books - Books about sports, games, athletics, etc..





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