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I'm kind of a mailing list junkie. On the off-chance that anyone else shares my little vice, here are something over 400 mailing lists for readers and collectors. If you know of any lists that I've missed, please let me know.  

Please keep in mind that there are strict netiquette rules for email lists, just as there are in the newsgroups. Make sure that you read the instructions for subscribing and unsubscribing from these listsbeforesigning up!

The mailing lists related to specific authors have become so numerous that I've given them a separate Author lists page.

[Commercial] | [Specialty] | [Discussion] | [Genre] | [Literary History] | [Literary Characters] | [Regional/Ethnic] | [Author]

Commercial Lists These lists allow the buying and selling of books.

  • BooksCanada - A forum for the discussion, buying, and selling of antiquarian, out of print, and secondhand books in Canada. Postings of books wanted, books for sale, discussions on book collecting, authors, titles, book care and repair, bibliographic information, book fair announcements, etc. are examples of welcome topics. (Besides, it's my list, so that means it has to be good, right?)
  • Bibliophile - Most of the traffic on this list is postings of books for sale, or books wanted with a bit of information on book care, collecting, and miscellaneous events thrown in. This is - to the best of my knowledge - the longest running of all of the commercial lists. The volume is very, very high, so be sure you can handle a couple of hundred messages per day! There is a subscription fee, but there is a three week free trial period.
  • Rare-Books - For sale, and want postings only. Low volume, but mostly very high end items offered for sale.
  • Bookselling - Discussions on this list tend to be more about the nuts and bolts of bookselling. Lots of specific how-to discussions.
  • BiblioMacintosh - For booksellers and collectors using a Mac.
  • BiblioXchange - Books for sale and wanted postings, as well as discussions.
  • Bookstore Junkies - Just what it says, these people love to haunt bookstores. They find books for each other. Anyone can post a request to the list and everyone goes hunting for the elusive title. This is not a list for dealers, as prices are limited to half the cover price on paperbacks. The most common genres searched are romance, science fiction, and mystery. There are some very strict rules about how this list is used, so you should read the faq first.
  • Non-Fiction Junkies- This list is a spin-off from Bookstore Junkies, and operates on the same principles, except that members look for non-fiction books.
  • UK Books - British and Irish subscriptions only. Free subscription.
  • L'Agora des Bibliophiles - French language rare book list.
  • Limes - Scandinavian rare and antique books.
  • Antiqbook - European rare and antique books.
  • BiblioMANIA - An American based list, with a few quirks (well, maybe more than a few...). This list allows no censorship. If you are easily offended, this isNOTthe list for you. However, if you have a weird and rather black sense of humour, you're gonna love it...
  • NanBoek - Dutch rare and antique books.
  • Bibliofind Rare - where antiquarian booksellers, rare book librarians, and collectors of rare books can communicate with each other.
  • Bibliofind ModernFirsts - buying, selling and discussion of collectible first editions.
  • Bibliofind WTB - solely for posting books you want to buy.
  • Bibliofind BFS under $100 - solely for posting books for sale at under $US100
  • Bibliofind BFS over $100 - solely for posting books for sale at over $US100
  • Bibliofind Regional: Australia/New Zealand - A regional list catering to Australia and New Zealand.
  • Bibliofind Sporting Books - buying, selling, discussion of books about sports, games, athletics, etc..
  • Bibliofind News - news, views, queries and helpful hints for all booklovers.
  • Gen-Mat-L - For the buying or selling of new or used genealogical materials (e.g., books, newsletters, CDs, magazines). Publishers of newsletters, books, or other materials relating to genealogy are welcome, as are resellers of any form of used genealogical materials, be they businesses or individuals cleaning bookshelves.
  • Gen-Mat-15-L New or used genealogical materials (e.g., books, newsletters, CDs, magazines) or services for sale at a price of $15 or less. Publisher of newsletters, books, or other materials relating to genealogy are welcome, as are resellers of any form of used genealogical materials, be they businesses or individuals cleaning bookshelves.
  • Gen-Books-L - Buying or selling of new or used genealogy books and CDs made from these books. For the purpose of this list, "genealogy books" refers to books having specific genealogical information relating to several generations of at least one family. This includes, but is not be limited to, family genealogies and county histories which contain family genealogies.
  • GEN-MAT-HX - for posting "for sale" or "wanted to buy" books or CDs having to do with history which do not contain information of direct genealogical significance (texts, well-researched historical novels, biographies, autobiographies, and the like)
  • Planet Earth Antiques and Collectables Book List
  • Planet Earth Antiques and Collectables Ephemera List
  • Audiobook_trades - For trading old audiobooks

Specialty Lists

  • Desbib - Topics relating to descriptive bibliography (the close physical description of books). Emphasis on books published before 1940, though not exclusively so. Not intended for beginners.
  • SmallPress - Discussions about both old and modern small press books and publishers.
  • Bookfinder Insider - For users of the Bookfinder metasearch tool to discuss anything related to both the Bookfinder site, and the online book industry. No For Sale or Want postings allowed. This used to be the MX-Insider list.
  • Book Arts - For book binders and book artists. Much of the discussions are about materials, and how-to stuff.
  • Bookbinding This list is open to anyone with answers and questions about bookbinding, with and emphasis on hand bookbinding. The topics welcomed on this list have to pertain to the historical, the technical, the esthetical aspects of the trade.
  • ExLibris - Rare book and manuscript librarianship, including special collections and related issues.
  • Sharp-L - History of print culture.
  • HRSIG- History of Reading Special Interest Group. Send a message to: MAISER@FS1.SCHED.PITT.EDU. In the body of the message type: SUBSCRIBE HRSIG

General Discussion Lists

  • Current-Fiction- Discussions of current fiction. Send a message to with subscribe current-fiction in the body of the message
  • Current-Non-Fiction- Discussions of current non-fiction. Send a message to with subscribe current-non-fiction in the body of the message.
  • Blister- Subscribers send lists of books. The idea is that you write up a long list of books saying what you like and what you don't; you can categorize however you like. To subscribe, send a message to majordomo@world.std.comwith subscribe blister in the body of the message.
  • Book Group - A reading group.
  • BookReview - Book reviews of current bestsellers and older titles.
  • Bibliophiles - Anything book related.
  • LiteraryGeneral discussion group from
  • A_common_reader - General book discussion
  • Beyond-the-wall - This book club is dedicated to those works that transcend genres.
  • Bookworm - A discussion on all types of books and writing. Involving the list in possible reading lists and critiques and sharing of member's writings.
  • Classiclit - A book club where a classic work is chosen, read, and discussed by members. Emphasis on 19th and 20th century British literature, early 20th century American literature, plays, poetry.
  • Joidelivre - A reading group where we focus on books that inspire the spirit or fire the mind.
  • Classicbooks - For lovers of classic books such as Mary Shelley, Shakespeare, Sophocles, and more. A place to discuss classics and/or read classics as a group.
  • Goodbooks - For women to review the latest bestsellers, their old favorites, whatever.
  • Pulitzer - An extention of the AOL pulitzer reading group. Discussions about Pulitzer Prize Winning books, mostly fiction.

Genre Lists [Horror] | [Juvenile] | [Mystery] | [Romance] | [Science Fiction & Fantasy] | [Miscellaneous Fiction] | [Miscellaneous Non Fiction]


  • Sistersofthenight - Paranormal books, or Alternate reality fiction.
  • HorrorHaven
  • Grimoire - horror in literature
  • Frighteners - horror
  • Walpole - Gothic bibliography, Gothic novel scholarship, and the illustrations of the shilling shockers or short Gothics of the late eighteenth century. Also to scholarly material about Poe, Ambrose Bierce, Mary Shelley, H.P. Lovecraft and Stephen King


  • ChildBks - For dealers and collectors of children's books. Free.
  • childlit - Children's Literature: Criticism and Theory.
  • kidlit-l - Children and Youth Literature List.
  • Zone Enchanted Place - Winnie-the-Pooh and other A.A. Milne characters.
  • freddy-the-pig - Send a message with subscribe freddy-the-pig in the message body.
  • Bscla - The BabySitters Club
  • Ozian Times - Wizard of Oz.
  • Fearstreet - Fear Street books by R.L. Stine
  • GirlsOwn- School Girl series and stories. Some authors in this genre include E. M. Brent-Dyer, D. F. Bruce, E. J. Oxenham and Enid Blyton among others. To subscribe, send a message to: withsubscribe girlsown in the body of the message.
  • girlsworld - children's books, especially boarding school books and girls' series books from the early to mid-1900s


  • BloodsandDimeNovels - Where collectors of Penny Dreadfuls, Penny Bloods and Dime Novels can discuss their hobby.
  • Walpole - Gothic bibliography, Gothic novel scholarship, and the illustrations of the shilling shockers or short Gothics of the late eighteenth century. Also to scholarly material about Poe, Ambrose Bierce, Mary Shelley, H.P. Lovecraft and Stephen King
  • Crimebooks - true crime and crime fiction, and related topics such as criminology, forensic science, psychology, serial crime, criminal profiling, policing, crime in tv and film, murder mystery, psychological thriller and suspense writing and authors.
  • MysteryReviews of mysteries. To subscribe, send a message to with subscribe mystery in the body of the message.
  • Shortmystery-LFor readers and writers of short mystery fiction. To subscribe, send a message to with subscribe shortmystery-l-digest in the body of the message.
  • Mysterybooks - A way for lovers of mystery fiction (and even non-fiction) to discuss different books and authors. This list should cover the whole mystery range, including mystery spy and police works as well as traditional detective stories.
  • RARA-AVIS - Hard-boiled mysteries.
  • Hard-Boiled- Hard-boiled mysteries. Send a message to majordomo@liszt.comwith subscribe hard-boiled in the body of the message.
  • dorothyl - Mystery. Named after Dorothy L. Sayers, but not limited to her works.
  • hounds-l - Sherlock Holmes.


  • RomEx - The Romance & Women's Fiction Exchange.
  • Romance Readers Anonymous - For romance readers, but you'll find quite a few published writers on this list too.
  • Romance Novel Forum- open forum for romance readers and writers. Send a message to: with subscribe <yourname>in the body of the message.
  • rwrg - For writers and readers of short and book-length romance fiction
  • Romance! Books & Writing- To subscribe, send a message to: with subscribe in the body of the message.

    Science Fiction and Fantasy

  • Swbooks - books having to do with Star Wars, and that take place in the Star Wars universe.
  • Sistersofthenight - Paranormal books, or Alternate reality fiction.
  • FSF Discussion of Fantasy and Science Fiction.
  • Scifireaders For discussion and recommendations of science fiction and fantasy books and movies.
  • Sffbooks - science-fiction and fantasy books
  • sflovers - Science Fiction.
  • sf-lit - Science Fiction as literature.
  • Swordspoint - This is a list to discuss the writing of Elizabeth Willey, Ellen Kushner, Delia Sherman, and other similer writers.
  • fantasy Anything in the fantasy genre: movies, comics, anime, novels, tv series, etc. But primarily books.
  • iafa-l - Scholarly discussion of Fantastic Literature. Send a message to with subscribe iafa-l [your name] in the body of the message.
  • Greystar_tower - Darkover
  • cficcion - Science fiction and fantasy discussion in Spanish.

    Miscellaneous Fiction

  • beat-l - Beat Generation writers
  • Dirtyrealism - dirty realism
  • Erotica - A mailing list for those interested in literary and artistic erotica, from the love poems of Sappho to the classics of Victorian England to The Story of O. This is a discussion group for the naughty & nice!

    Miscellaneous Non Fiction

  • Cookbook-l- Cook book discussion list. Send a message to: with subscribe in the body of the message.
  • Autobiography Autobiographical adventure. Ranulph Fiennes on foot to the South Pole. Knud Rasmussen's dogsled voyage from Greenland to the Pacific, in the 1920s. The shipwrecked conquistador who was initiated into shamanism. The Sandinista student leader. Lawrence of Arabia chipping away at the Ottoman Empire. Various SAS members.
  • Biography An open forum for anyone who reads, researches, writes, edits and/or publishes biographies.
  • Aviationhistoryrevue - Forum for the exchange of information on in or out of print books on the history of aviation 1890 to date.

Literary History

  • spenser-l - English Renaissance literature.
  • classics - Classics and Latin.
  • contex-l - Cross-disciplinary analysis of ancient texts.
  • elenchus - Thought and literature of Christianity during the period 100 to 500 a.d. (c.e.).
  • ioudaios - First-century Judaic literature.
  • nassr-l - Literature of the Romantic period.
  • elcs-l - English literature, culture, and society 1880-1920.
  • c18-l - 18th Century literature.
  • persia-l - Jewish Literature and History in the Persian Period
  • chaucer - Medieval English literature.

Regional and Ethnic Lists

  • Booktalk - Discussion of books with Jewish interest.
  • balzac-l - French literature.
  • canlit-l - Canadian Literature.
  • cficcion - Science fiction and fantasy discussion in Spanish.
  • mendele - Yiddish literature and language.
  • modbrits - Modern British and Irish literature (1895-1955)
  • sa-eng-l - South African English language and literature.
  • sasialit - Contemporary literature of South Asia.
  • chpoem-l - Chinese Poems
  • uk-sf - Science Fiction & Fantasy produced from the United Kingdom.
  • native-lit-l - Native American Literature
  • chicle - Chicano literature
  • mujer - Latin American Women Writers.
  • austlit - Austrian Literature
  • applit - Appalachian Literature
  • Afrlit - African Literature
  • h-afrlitcine - African literature and cinema
  • am.lit-l - American literature.
  • amlit1-l - American literature from 1640-1900.
  • amlit2-l - American literature from 1880-present.
  • aml-lit - 20th century American literature.
  • amlit-l - American literature.
  • canliterati - Canadian literature.
  • cap-l - Contemporary American poetry.
  • tolkien - Discussion about J.R.R. Tolkien in Czech and Slovak languages.
  • erofile - Electronic reviews of French & Italian literary essays

Character Lists - Discussions of favorite characters and settings from books.




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