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Appraising Your Books A self-help guide

Cleaning Books Tools and techniques for cleaning books and dust jackets.

Identifying First Editions

Email Lists A large selection of book-related email lists. Some are general, and some very specific. If you have a favorite author, genre, or series, there's probably a list devoted to them somewhere. There are also lists devoted to buying and selling books, book reviews, and book arts.

Newsgroups Selection of newsgroups from Usenet

Webrings Links which take you on tours of related websites

Medieval Book Curses A collection of curses used to ward off book thieves. Some of these are rather deliciously awful.

Literary Quotations Just a few that I happen to like.

Marylaine Block is a "librarian without walls", and she has a lot of interesting things to say about books and the people who love them. Here are a few of her articles:


Book Buying
Reference Works
Geeky Stuff





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