Technology has gone too far for the benefit of humanity. Different innovations and discoveries came into human hands. With that, tech publishers have existed that are responsible for these innovations. Do you have any in mind about a tech publisher? Well, let’s find out! 

  1. VentureBeat 

First on the list is VentureBeat. This is the tech publisher responsible for full news scoop, groundbreaking research, technology innovation perspectives, and events. This website aims to discover and provide different deep contexts as ways to help entrepreneurs, executives, and tech enthusiasts when making decisions. 

  1. The Next Web

This tech publisher serves as the source of international technology news, culture, and business. It has writers from the seven continents that’s why more and various information is being disseminated to the public. 

  1. The Verge 

Next, The Verge is a tech publisher that specializes in gadgets, startups, tech culture, and apps. It provides a wide coverage of reporting, editorials, and original features. 

Other tech publishers to consider: 

  • Wired
  • Engadget 
  • Gizmondo
  • ReadWrite 
  • Re/code 
  • 9to5Mac
  • CNET
  • Forbes Tech
  • Tech in Asia
  • Gigaom 

These are only some of the tech publishers to find online. It has different specialties and specializations, but one thing is for sure, these tech publishers only want to disseminate information regarding technology clearly.