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Top Ten Reference Books from
Lynn DeWeese-Parkinson

Lynn DeWeese-Parkinson provided this list of his favorite and most used reference books. As you can see he found it an overwhelming task to limit his list to 10, and consequently listed categories in some cases...

  1. A large collection of dealer catalogues, e.g., Spanish Books by Maggs Bros, 870pp, 1358 entries, issued in 1927. (They note that they are "Booksellers by Special Appointment to His Majesty King Alfonso XIII of Spain" & they well deserved the appointment.)

  2. Dictionaries, especially English, English/Spanish & English/Portuguese, but almost any, especially Spanish & Portuguese. (My present favorite is Simon & Schuster's International Dictionary English/Spanish Spanish/English. It is huge.)

  3. Any & all of the Clio Press "World Bibliography" series. They are issued for each country & each is indispensible for any country of interest.

  4. Phelps, Ross, et al. La Busca, Taurine Bibliophiles of America, 1999, a 290pp bullfight bibliography & filmography of works in English.

  5. Foster, David. A Dictionary of Contemporary Latin American Authors, Arizona State 1975.

  6. Sable, Martin, Latin American Studies in the Non-Western World & Eastern Europe, Scarecrow Press, 1970.

  7. Staff. The Economic Literature of Latin America. Harvard.

  8. Pariseau, Earl, et al, Latin America: An Acquisition Guide for Colleges & Public Libraries. CLASP. (This is absolutely essential. I couldn't do without it.)

  9. McCue, Andy. Baseball by the Books, Wm. Brown, 1991 - THE reference for baseball fiction.

  10. Gunn, Drewey. Mexico in American & British Letters: A Bibliography of Fiction & Travel Books Citing Original Editions. Scarecrow Press, 1974. (as an example of a zillion specialized references, but a very good one)

Lynn DeWeese-Parkinson specializes in books about the books on Latin America & the Caribbean, bullfighting, and baseball. He is also the listowner of the Bibliophile mailing List, the oldest, and largest mailing list for booksellers and collectors.

Last update: July 24, 2000

Copyright © 2000 by Deanna Ramsay

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