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Top Ten Reference Books from
Foundling Books

Rod Anderson of Foundling Books lists his favourite ten reference books...


  1. Tumbusch. Disney A to Z, The Official Encylopedia and Disney A to Z, the Updated Official Encyclopedia; New York: Hyperion, 1996, and 1998 respectively. The author was in charge of the Disney corporate archives for many years. Indispensable, comprehensive source book for all things Disney.

  2. Jackson, Kathy Merlock. Walt Disney: A Bio-Bibliography; Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1993. An incomparable compendium of published works about Walt and Roy Disney, the Disney empire, art, animation, films, including both books and periodicals.

  3. Maltin, Leonard. The Disney Films; New York: Hyperion, 1995; and Of Mice and Magic; New York: McGraw-Hill, 1980. Want to the details about the animated films, both features and shorts? Film historians and animation art enthusiasts love this stuff!.

  4. Cotter, Bill. The Wonderful World of Disney Television; New York: Hyperion, 1997. Every episode of every Disney TV series, including commercial network series, Disney cable channels, specials, and on….and on…and on! Provides cast members, synopsis of each episode, date of first airing, etc.

    Boy Scouts

  5. Fisk, Chuck and Doug Bearce. Collecting Scouting Literature, A Collector's Guide to Boy Scout Fiction and Non-Fiction, Second Revised Edition; Salem, OR: privately published, 1990. A comprehensive annotated bibliography of Boy Scout literature.

  6. Price, Joseph. Kahunas Katalog of Boy Scouting Handbooks, Including the: Boy Scout Handbook, Scoutmasters Handbook, Patrol Leaders Handbook, Patrol and Troop Leadership, Scouts Fieldbook, Scoutmasters Fieldbook, How Book of Scouting, Field Book. Upland, CA: privately published, May, 1989, Second edition, 1st printing. Looseleaf in 3 ring binder. 328 pp. A comprehensive, annotated bibliography with a detailed analysis of both verified and unverified versions of each edition and printing of the listed handbooks published by the Boy Scouts of America.

    Children's & Juvenile Fiction

  7. Chevalier, Tracy (Editor), Twentieth-Century Children's Writers, Third Edition, Chicago, IL: St. James Press, 1989. Over a thousand pages include biographies and bibliographies of over 800 authors. Truly a remarkable and very useful reference book (but don't drop it on your foot!).

  8. Baumgarten, E. Lee, Price Guide and Bibliographic Check List For Children's and Illustrated Books 1880 - 1960; Martinsburg, WV: E. Lee Baumgarten Books, 1996. One of the most useful books for information on the most collectible children's books.

  9. Brown, David And Virginia. Whitman Juvenile Books, Reference and Value Guide. Padukah, KY: Collector Books, 1999 [1997]. Simply, this is one of the most valuable resources for those interested in children's books. Includes a most interesting history of this most prolific publisher in the genre.

Foundling Books specializes in Disney books, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts books - particularly non-fiction, children's and juvenile fiction. They also carry general stock. Rod Anderson is the owner and is a member of the Independent Online Booksellers Association, and the American Scouting Traders Association.





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