Top Ten Reference Books from
Authors & Artists

Shirley Bryant of Authors & Artists provided this list of her favorite and most used reference books.

  1. Ahearn, Allen and Patricia Ahearn. Author Price Guides (volume I and volume II). Rockville, MD Quill & Brush (Very good for points & signature comparisons--they do a good job of describing).

  2. Zempel, Edward N. (Editor)Book Prices : Used and Rare.Spoon River Press. Peoria, IL. Annual.

  3. McGrath, Anne F. Bookman's Price Index : A Guide to the Values of Rare and Other Out of Print Books. Detroit: Gale Research. Annual.

  4. The Stephen King Archives. Argus Designs. Ft. Collins, CO. 1995. (indispensible for finding the codes for his early books, and points. Photos, publisher info, dimensions of the books, color of bindings, pastedowns, & endpages, codes for the Doubleday early books--just thoroughly describe each and every thing about each book.).

  5. Pappas, Nick Bloody Dagger Reference: A Price Guide to Mystery-Crime-Detective Fiction. San Diego Bloody Dagger Books. Annual

  6. Howlett-West, Stephanie The Inter-Galactic Price Guide to Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror. Modesto, CA.: Self Published. Annual

  7. L. W. Currey catalogs (any--the man is a walking bible of sci-fi, fantasy and horror history & info--catalogs are $25/each).

  8. Mossman, Jennifer (editor) Pseudonyms and Nicknames Dictionary: A Guide to Aliases, Appellations, Assumed Names... Gale Group. 1987.

  9. Gorgon Books. Paperbacks at Auction. Annual. (good for paperback originals--have to know the code to identify them).

  10. Zempel, Edward N. And Linda A. Verkler (editors) First Editions : A Guide to Identification. Peoria, IL. Spoon River Press, 1995.

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