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Reference Works on Collectible Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror

Includes price guides, bibliographies, and collector's guides.

Bergen, Jr., James A A Price and Reference Guide to Books Written by Edgar Rice Burroughs 1999 The Golden Lion, 604 pages

Bleiler, Everett F The Checklist of Fantastic Literature. A Bibliography of Fantasy, Weird, and Science Fiction Books 1948 Chicago. Shasta Publishers. 455 ppg.

Burgess, Michael Reference Guide to Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Out-of-print

Colombo, John Robert, Michael Richardson, John Bell, Alexander L. Amprimoz CDN SF & F. A Bibliography of Canadian Science Fiction & Fantasy 1979 Annotated checklist of approximately 600 titles in both English and in French. Out-of-print

Currey, L.W. Science Fiction and Fantasy Authors: A Bibliography of First Printings of Their Fiction and Selected Nonfiction 1979 Boston. G.K. Hall. A highly regarded bibliography by the best-known specialist in the field. Out-of-print

Day, Bradford M. The Checklist of Fantastic Literature in Paperbound Books 1965 Brad Day hc, 890pp. 27,000 listings, with author, title, types of fiction, publisher, date, number of pages. Out-of-print

Howlett-West, Stephanie The Inter-Galactic Price Guide to Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror 20,000 entries

Jaffery, Sheldon R. Horrors and Unpleasantries : A Bibliographical History and Collector's Price Guide to Arkham House Publications 1983 Bowling Green State University. 145 pages. Out-of-print

Lovisi, Gary Collecting Science Fiction and Fantasy : Instant Expert 1997 Alliance Publishing. 130 pages

Smith, Curtis C. (editor) Twentieth-Century Science-Fiction Writers 1981 New York. St. Martin's Press

Taylor, Elaine Taylor's 1998 Science fiction & Fantasy Price Guide 1998

Toledano, Henry Goreyography : A Divers Compendium of & Price Guide to the Works of Edward Gorey 1996 Word Play Inc. 196 pages


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