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Jackson, Denis C. Life Magazines Price Guide 1899-1994 2000 The Illustrator Collectors News. 32 pages

Jackson, Denis C. Maxfield Parrish Price & Identification Guide, 11th edition 2000 The Illustrator Collectors News. 56 pages Claims to give prices for every work Parrish has ever done.

Jackson, Denis C. Playboy Magazines Price & Identification Guide 1999 The Illustrator Collectors News. 20 pages.

Jackson, Denis C. OLD Magazines The Price & Identification Guide 2000 The Illustrator Collectors News. 40 pages.

Jacobs, Larry Big Little Books : A Collector's Reference & Value Guide 1996 Collector Books. 175 pages.

Jaffery, Sheldon R. Horrors and Unpleasantries : A Bibliographical History and Collector's Price Guide to Arkham House Publications 1983 Bowling Green State University. 145 pages. Out-of-print

Jones, Diane McClure and Rosemary Jones Collector's Guide to Children's Books 1850 to 1950 : Identification & Values (Collector's Guide to Children's Books, Vol 1) 1996 Collector Books

Jones, Diane McClure, Rosemary Jones Collector's Guide to Children's Books : 1950-1975 : Identification and Values (Collectors Guide to Children's Books, Vol 3) 2000 Collector Books. 272 pages

Jones, Diane McClure, Rosemary Jones Collectors Guide to Childrens Books : 1850 to 1950 : Identification & Values (Collector's Guide to Children's Books, Vol 2) 1998 Collector Books. 176 pages

L W Publishing Big Little Books & Better Little, Jumbo,Tiny Tales, A Fast Action Story, etc. 1996 LW Publishing & Book Sales. 104 pages

Leab, Katharine and Daniel Leab (editors) American Book Prices Current Annual Bancroft-Parkman

Lee, Thomas R. 20th Century First Edition Fiction : A Price and Identification Guide 2000 Book Emporium Press. 252 pages

Lefontaine, Joseph Raymond A Handbook for Booklovers : A Survey of Collectible Authors, Books, and Values 1988 Prometheus Books. 612 pages

Lefontaine, Joseph Raymond The Collector's Bookshelf Value Guide 1991 Prometheus Books. 113 pages. A companion volume to A Handbook for Booklovers.

Lepa, Jack Price Guide to Collectable Books: First Editions, 1920 to Present 1994 Las Vegas: Amber Unicorn

Lovisi, Gary Collecting Science Fiction and Fantasy : Instant Expert 1997 Alliance Publishing. 130 pages

LW Publishing Old Magazines with Year 2000 Price Guide 1996 LW Publishing & Book Sales. 112 pages

LW Publishing Sheet Music : A Price Guide 1995 LW Publishing & Book Sales. 160 pages. Over 5,000 different song titles

McCarty, Dennis Western Americana: A Price Guide To 3000 Books Relating To The Trans-Mississippi West 1985 Clarendon Hills. The Willow Press. 120 pages.

McGrath, Anne and/or Daniel McGrath Bookman's Price Index Annual Gale Group

McGrath, Daniel (Editor) Bookman's Price Index : Subject Series : Modern First Editions Vol 1 1987 Gale

Michaels, Carolyn Children's Book Collecting 1993 Library Professional Publications. 197 pages

Morrison., Shelly Texana Catalogue Prices:12,000 Price entries on Texana offered for sale in 1996 Out-of-print

Morrison., Shelly Western Americana Catalogue Prices: 18,000 price entries for non-Texas Western Americana 1997 W M Morrison Books

Norman, Sandra J., Karrie K. Andes Vintage Cookbooks and Advertising Leaflets 1998 Schiffer Publishing, Ltd. A pictorial review and price guide which includes over 850 color photographs of cookery pamphlets and advertising memorabilia from the 1860s to the 1950s.

Oelgart, Isaac The Borzoi Books for Sportsmen. A Checklist & Price Guide 1982 Sunrise Pub Co.

Postal, Edward S. Price Guide & Bibliography to Children's & Illustrated Books Out-of-print

R.B. Russell (Editor) Guide to First Edition Prices: 2000/1 Tartarus Press. 327 pages. Provides details of over 20,000 collectable books by over 400 different author and artists

Reno, Dawn Collecting Romance Novels (Instant Expert) 1995 Very limited pricing information (approx. 25 pages). Contains much that would be of interest to a Romance collector though - lists of pseudonyms, book care, histories of various imprints etc. Out-of-print

Santi, Steve Collecting Little Golden Books : A Collectors's Identification and Value Guide 2000 Krause Publications. 432 pages

Schwab, Orrin A Price Guide to Scarce and Rare Books and Pamphlets on Mormonism and Mormon History 1991 Orrin Schwab Books. 255 pages

Seagrave, Ronald Roy Civil War autographs & manuscripts prices current, 1992 : every Confederate general, confirmed and unconfirmed & every Union general confirmed during the Civil War, plus cabinet members, naval & enlisted personnel, artists, photographers, and related ephemera Out-of-print

Seagrave, Ronald Roy Civil War books, Confederate & Union including related titles ranging from historical archeological to slavery : a bibliography & price guide : over 150 modern titles reviewed 1995 Sergeant Kirkland's Museum and Historical Society, Fredericksburg, Va. ,

Shifflet, Lee A Bookman's Guide to Americana 1991 Scarecrow Press. 524 pages

Skinner, Tina, Bruce Magnotti Harrison Fisher : Defining the American Beauty : With Price Guide (Schiffer Book for Collectors and Designers.) 1999 Schiffer Publishing

Taylor, Elaine Taylor's 1998 Science fiction & Fantasy Price Guide 1998

Tedford, Marie The Official Price Guide to Old Books 1999 Ballantine Books. 480 pages. More than 10,000 prices.

Toledano, Henry The Modern Library Price Guide 1917 - 2000 1999

Toledano, Henry Goreyography : A Divers Compendium of & Price Guide to the Works of Edward Gorey 1996 Word Play Inc. 196 pages

University of Minnesota Libraries Girls Series Books : A Checklist of Titles Published 1840-1991 1992 University of Minnesota Libraries

Villeneuve, Michel Laurentiana : Guide du collectionneur de livres qu�b�cois 1998 A price guide to books on Quebec. $42.00 Canadian. Can be ordered directly from the author at:

Wade, John Tomart's Price Guide to Twentieth Century Books 1994 Out-of-print

Welch, Naomi The Complete Works of Harrison Fisher, Illustrator Reference Book, Price Guide & Collector's Checklist 1999 Images of the Past.

Whale, G.J. Kim Hudson's Bay to Haro Strait: Books on Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest: A Collectors' Guide 1998 The first and only comprehensive description and price guide to approximately 1,800 of the most important and collectible books on Western Canada, the Arctic and the North Pacific. Includes extensive information on Indians, the fur trade, gold rushes and early voyages and settlement. Also includes a history of the Hudson's Bay Record Society and its books, the Geological Survey publications and others. All priced and described bibliographically and for contents - and thoroughly indexed. $100 Can. $65 U.S. Order directly from the author at:

Wright, Nancy Books : Identification and Price Guide (The Confident Collector) 1993 Avon Books. 299 pages.

Zempel, Edward N. (Editor) Book Prices : Used and Rare Annual Spoon River Press

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