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Reference Works on Childrens' Books

Includes price guides, bibliographies, and collector's guides.

Axe, John The Secret of Collecting Girls' Series Books 2000 Hobby House Press. 112 pages

Baumgarten, E. Lee Price Guide and Bibliographic Check List for Children's and Illustrated Books 1880-1960. 1996 Martinsburg, WV: E. Lee Baumgarten Books. Covers over 10,000 titles, with points of issue and estimated prices.

Bishop American Boys' Series Books 1900-1980 1987 University of S. Florida

Blanck, Jacob Peter Parley to Penrod: A Bibliographical Description of the Best-Loved American Juvenile Books Pre-1926 childrens books.

Borden, Bill, Steve Posner The Big Book of Big Little Books 1997 Chronicle Books. 120 pages

Brown, David and Virginia Brown Whitman Juvenile Books : Reference & Value Guide 1996 Collector Books. 143 pages

Clark, Alan The Children's Annual : a history and collector's guide London, Boxtree ,1988. 160 pages Out-of-print

Dikty, Alan S. The American Boys' Book Series Bibliography, 1895-1935

Egoff, Sheila and Judith Saltman The New Republic of Childhood: A Critical Guide to Canadian Children's Literature in English 1990 Oxford Univ Press

Flacks, Erwin Maxfield Parrish: Identification & Price Guide 1998 Collectors Press. 256 pages

Greason, Rebecca, Tom Tumbusch, Tomart Publications Tomart's Price Guide to Golden Book Collectibles Out-of-print

Hoyle, Karen Nelson Girls Series Books 1900-1975 1978 University of Minnesota Libraries, 130 pages

Jacobs, Larry Big Little Books : A Collector's Reference & Value Guide 1996 Collector Books. 175 pages.

Jones, Diane McClure and Rosemary Jones Collector's Guide to Children's Books 1850 to 1950 : Identification & Values (Collector's Guide to Children's Books, Vol 1) 1996 Collector Books

Jones, Diane McClure, Rosemary Jones Collector's Guide to Children's Books : 1950-1975 : Identification and Values (Collectors Guide to Children's Books, Vol 3) 2000 Collector Books. 272 pages

Jones, Diane McClure, Rosemary Jones Collectors Guide to Childrens Books : 1850 to 1950 : Identification & Values (Collector's Guide to Children's Books, Vol 2) 1998 Collector Books. 176 pages

L W Publishing Big Little Books & Better Little, Jumbo,Tiny Tales, A Fast Action Story, etc. 1996 LW Publishing & Book Sales. 104 pages

Meigs, Cornelia (et al) A Critical History of Children's Literature; A Survey of Children's Books in English. Prepared in Four Parts 1969 MacMillan

Michaels, Carolyn Children's Book Collecting 1993 Library Professional Publications. 197 pages

Postal, Edward S. Price Guide & Bibliography to Children's & Illustrated Books Out-of-print

Quayle, Eric The Collector's Book of Children's Books Out-of-print

Quayle, Eric Early Children's Books: A Collector's Guide Out-of-print

Santi, Steve Collecting Little Golden Books : A Collectors's Identification and Value Guide 2000 Krause Publications. 432 pages

University of Minnesota Libraries Girls Series Books : A Checklist of Titles Published 1840-1991 1992 University of Minnesota Libraries


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