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Reference Works for Booksellers and Collectors

My goal is to eventually provide a list of essential and useful reference works such as price guides, bibliographies, glossaries, and collectors guides.

There are plenty of gaps here, so if you know of a book that you feel should be here, please email me with the information.

View the complete list of Price Guides (Very long!)

Or check out these shorter compilations of price guides, bibliographies, and collectors guides.

Some other useful books on books...

Top ten lists: favorite reference works from some experienced booksellers

  • Shirley Bryant of Authors & Artists - specialize in literature, modern firsts, signed and / or limited editions, authors' first books, horror / sci-fi / mystery, earth sciences including plants / animals / ecology / environmental / archaeology / anthropology, Native American, mythology, antiquarian books, and a selection of (mostly sci-fi and mystery) paperback originals.
  • Nina Matheson of William & Nina Matheson Books, Inc. - specialize in 20th century first editions, literary private press books, and books about books, with particular emphasis on first books, novels by poets, uncorrected proofs, advance reading copies, review copies, inscribed copies, English editions of American authors, American editions of English authors, Southern authors, Canadian authors, Gay and Lesbian authors, African-American and Asian-American writers. They are members of ABAA,ILAB, and IOBA.
  • Lynn DeWeese-Parkinson - specializes in books about the books on Latin America & the Caribbean, bullfighting, and baseball. He is also the listowner of the Bibliophile mailing List, the oldest, and largest mailing list for booksellers and collectors.
  • Narnia Books - specializes in supernatural and fantasy fiction, children's literature, detective and mystery fiction, C.S. Lewis and the 'Inklings' group, and the books of Captain W.E. Johns. The owners, David and Joanne Anderson, currently serve as members of the Advanced Book Exchange Advisory Group.


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