Book Collecting Glossaries

Bernard, Philippa, Leo Bernard, Angus O'Neill Antiquarian Books : A Companion for Booksellers, Librarians and Collectors 1994 University of Pennsylvania Press;

Carter, John ABC for Book Collectors Oak Knoll Books. 224 pages. The most commonly recommended reference book for both booksellers and book collectors alike.

Feather, John A Dictionary of Book History Out-of-print

Glaister, Geoffrey Ashall Encyclopedia of the Book 1996 The Lyons Press. 576 pages. A massive compilation of terms relating to books. Includes book history, bookbinding, typography, etc.

Peters, Jean The Bookman's Glossary Out-of-print

Prytherch, Ray Harrod's Librarians' Glossary 1999 Ashgate Publishing Company

Stokes, Roy Bishop A Bibliographical Companion 1989 Scarecrow Press. 308 pages.



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