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Reference Works on Collectible Cookbooks

Includes price guides, bibliographies, and collector's guides.

Allen, Colonel Bob A Guide to Collecting Cookbooks : A History of People, Companies and Cooking 1998 Collector Books. 213 pages.

Barile, Mary Cookbooks Worth Collecting 1993 Wallace-Homestead Book Co. 232 pages

Dickinson, Linda J. Price Guide to Cookbooks and Recipe Leaflets 1990 Collector Books. 190 pages. Looks to have between 1500 and 2000 listings. Prices updated in 1997.

Dusablon, Mary Anna America's Collectible Cookbooks : The History, the Politics, the Recipes 1994 Ohio Univ Press. 229 pages

Norman, Sandra J., Karrie K. Andes Vintage Cookbooks and Advertising Leaflets 1998 Schiffer Publishing, Ltd. A pictorial review and price guide which includes over 850 color photographs of cookery pamphlets and advertising memorabilia from the 1860s to the 1950s.

Quayle, Eric Old Cook Books: An Illustrated History Out-of-print


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