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This is just a sampling of books on or related to book collecting. Try perusing a bibliomaniac's collection of books on books for a treat.

Some of these titles are out of print. Try searching for used copies in the form at the top right of the page, or for auctions in the box at lower right.

Biblio Magazine No longer being published. Used copies, and sometimes complete runs do come up for sale though.

FIRSTS magazine

Ahearn, Allen & Patricia Ahearn Book Collecting 2000 : A Comprehensive Guide Regular revisions Putnam Publishing Group. 480 pages. Prices listed are almost exclusively for authors first books - generally the most valuable. Also has much additional material of interest to both collector and bookseller.

Barzun, Jacques Bibliophile of the Future : His Complaints About the Twentieth Century 1976 Trustees of Boston Public Library

Basbanes, Nicholas A. A Gentle Madness : Bibliophiles, Bibliomanes, and the Eternal Passion for Books 1995 Henry Holt & Company 638 pages

Belanger, Terry Lunacy and the Arrangement of Books Paperback (June 1986) Oak Knoll Books;

Bernard, Philippa, Leo Bernard, Angus O'Neill Antiquarian Books : A Companion for Booksellers, Librarians and Collectors 1994 University of Pennsylvania Press;

Blockson, Charles L., Barbara Hope Damn Rare : The Memoirs of an African-American Bibliophile 1998 Quantum Leap Publisher Inc., 356 pages.

Carley, James P., Colin G. C. Tite, Andrew G. Watson Books and Collectors 1200-1700 : Essays Presented to Andrew Watson (British Library Studies in the History of the Book) 1998 British Library Publications

Carter, John Taste and Technique in Book-Collecting 1949 Out-of-print

Carter, John Books and Book-Collectors Out-of-print

Carter, John New Paths in Book Collecting : Essays by Various Hands 1934 Ayer Co Pub

Chapman, R. W., John Hayward, John Carter and Michael Sadleir Book Collecting, Four Broadcast Talks 1950 Out-of-print

Chidley, John Discovering Book Collecting 1983 Shire Publications

de Hamel, Christopher and Richard A. Linenthal, eds. Fine Books and Book Collecting

Dickinson, Donald C. Dictionary of American Book Collectors 1986 Greenwood Publishing Group

Dickinson, Donald C. Henry E. Huntington's Library of Libraries 1995 H E Huntington Library & Art

Dunbar, Maurice Hooked on Books : Everybody's Guide to Book Collecting 1997 James Whitaker & Associates

Ellis, Estelle, Caroline Seebohm, Christopher Simon Sykes (editors) At Home With Books : How Booklovers Live With and Care for Their Libraries 1995 Random House. Presents both practical advice and divine inspiration. Chapters on starting a collection, organizing the library, and caring for books offer useful information on categorizing, editing, storage, and space-saving.

Everitt, Charles P. Adventures of a Treasure Hunter: A Rare Bookman in Search of American History 1987 Meyerbooks. Quite an entertaining book, mostly consisting of anecdotes about the author's many years of buying and selling rare Americana. Originally published in 1951 so the books he refers to are even rarer now.

Franklin, Colin Book Collecting As One of the Fine Arts : And Other Essays 1996 Scolar Press

Goldstone, Lawrence, Nancy Goldstone Slightly Chipped : Footnotes in Booklore 1999 Dunne Books. 224 pages.

Goldstone, Lawrence, Nancy Goldstone Used and Rare : Travels in the Book World 1998 Griffin Trade Paperback. 224 pages.

Haller, Margaret The Book Collector's Fact Book Out-of-print

Hobson, Anthony Renaissance Book Collecting : Jean Grolier and Diego Hurtado De Mendoza, Their Books and Bindings 1999 Cambridge Univ Press

Iacone, Salvatore J. The Pleasures of Book Collecting Out-of-print

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