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Reference Works on Canadiana

Includes price guides, bibliographies, and collector's guides.

Amtmann, Bernard Contributions to a Short-Title Catalogue of Canadiana 1971

Amtmann, Bernard (Complier) Montreal Book Auction Records Canadiana, Americana, Arctica, Books & Pamphlets, Autograph The complete set covers 1967 to 1982. While the prices are badly outdated, these records are still quite widely used.

Boyle, Gertrude M. and Colbeck, Marjorie A Bibliography of Canadiana: First Supplement. Being Items in the Public Library of Toronto, Canada 1959

Brundin, Robert Price Guide to Books on Canada and The Canadian Arctic Out-of-print

Caswell, Edward S. Canadian Singers and their Songs Profiles a number of Canadian poets of around the turn of the century. Each profile contains a facsimilie of a handwritten and autographed poem, so it's useful as an identification guide to signatures. Wilfred Campbell; Bliss Carman; William Henry Drummond; E. Pauline Johnston; Archibald Lampman; Charles Mair; John McCrae; L.M. Montgomery; Marjorie Pickthall; Charles G.D. Roberts; Duncan C. Scott. Out-of-print

Colombo, John Robert, Michael Richardson, John Bell, Alexander L. Amprimoz CDN SF & F. A Bibliography of Canadian Science Fiction & Fantasy 1979 Annotated checklist of approximately 600 titles in both English and in French. Out-of-print

Cooke, O. A The Canadian Military Experience 1867-1995: A Bibliography 1997 Paperback 3 Ed edition (July 1997) Canadian Government Pub Center;

Gauvin, Daniel Guide canadien du livre rare Out-of-print

Gnarowski, Michael A Concise Bibliography of English-Canadian Literature 1973 127 pages. While small, this is actually quite a useful reference for older Canadian fiction. Out-of-print

Hand, Richard A. A Bookman's Guide to the Indians of the Americas: A Compilation of over 10,000 Catalogue Entries With Prices and Annotations

Ingles, Ernie, Gordon R. Adshead, Ernest Boyce Ingles Bibliography of Canadian Bibliographies 1997 University of Toronto Press. 1178 pages.

Lecker, Robert & Jack David The Annotated Bibliography of Canada's Major Authors G K Hall. Multiple volumes in the series. Some are out of print.

Peel, Bruce Braden A Bibliography of the Prairie Provinces to 1953 with Biographical Index 1956, 1973 Out-of-print

Spencer, Loraine and Holland, Susan (compiled by) Northern Ontario: A Bibliography 1968

Staton, Frances M. and MarieTremaine A Bibliography Of Canadiana: Being Items in the Public Library of Toronto, Canada, Relating To The Early History and Development of Canada

Tremaine, Marie A Bibliography of Canadian Imprints 1751-1800 1952

Villeneuve, Michel Laurentiana : Guide du collectionneur de livres qu�b�cois 1998 A price guide to books on Quebec. $42.00 Canadian. Can be ordered directly from the author at:

Watters, Reginald Eyre A Checklist Of Canadian Literature And Background Materials, 1628-1960 Out-of-print

Whale, G.J. Kim Hudson's Bay to Haro Strait: Books on Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest: A Collectors' Guide 1998 The first and only comprehensive description and price guide to approximately 1,800 of the most important and collectible books on Western Canada, the Arctic and the North Pacific. Includes extensive information on Indians, the fur trade, gold rushes and early voyages and settlement. Also includes a history of the Hudson's Bay Record Society and its books, the Geological Survey publications and others. All priced and described bibliographically and for contents - and thoroughly indexed. $100 Can. $65 U.S. Order directly from the author at:


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