Reference Works on Bookselling

Mainly a list of how-to books.

Bernard, Philippa, Leo Bernard, Angus O'Neill Antiquarian Books : A Companion for Booksellers, Librarians and Collectors 1994 University of Pennsylvania Press;

Crotz, D. Keith Used Book Sales : Less Work & Better Profits (The Highsmith Press Handbook Series) Paperback (December 1994) Highsmith Co

Ellis, Ian C. Book Finds : How to Find, Buy, and Sell Used and Rare Books 1996 Perigee. 271 pages.

Everitt, Charles P. Adventures of a Treasure Hunter: A Rare Bookman in Search of American History 1987 Meyerbooks. Quite an entertaining book, mostly consisting of anecdotes about the author's many years of buying and selling rare Americana. Originally published in 1951 so the books he refers to are even rarer now.

Freeman, L. How to Buy and Sell Old Books 1965 Century House/Alf

Gersdorf, A. G. Selling Used Books of by Mail : A Grass-Roots Guide for the Homeworker 1990 Loup Garou Books

Gilbert, Dale L. Complete Guide to Starting a Used Bookstore : Old Books into Gold Out-of-print

Sackett, Ernest Twelve Ways to Sell Your Old Used and Rare Books Out-of-print

Sims, George Last of the Rare Book Game 1990 Holmes Pub Co

Sims, George More of the Rare Book Game 1988 Holmes Pub Co

Stern, Madeleine Bettina Antiquarian Bookselling in the United States 1985 Greenwood Publishing Group



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