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Reference Works on Americana

Includes price guides, bibliographies, and collector's guides.

Adams, Ramon F. The Adams One-Fifty, A Check-list of the 150 Most Important Books on Western Outlaws and Lawmen 1976 Jenkins Publishing Co. Austin Out-of-print

Adams, Ramon F. The Rampaging Herd : A Bibliography of Books and Pamphlets on Men and Events in the Cattle Industry Out-of-print

Adams, Ramon F. More Burs Under the Saddle : Books and Histories of the West 1989 University of Oklahoma Press

Adams, Ramon F. Burs Under the Saddle : A Second Look at Books and Histories of the West 1989 University of Oklahoma Press

Adams, Ramon F. Six-Guns and Saddle Leather : A Bibliography of Books and Pamphlets on Western Outlaws and Gunmen 1998 Dover Publications.

Blanck, Jacob (vol. 8 & 9 by Michael Winship) Bibliography of American Literature Generally known as BAL, and much referenced by both booksellers and collectors. There are a total of nine volumes. If you sell or collect American literature, this is an invaluable set.

Broadfoot, Tom and Julia Nichols Civil War Books: A Priced Checklist with Advice 1996 Broadfoot Pub Co

Bruccoli, Matthew J., Clark, C.E. Frazer, Jr., Layman, Richard, and Franklin, Benjamin V. (editors) First Printings of American Authors: Contributions Toward Descriptive Checklists 1977-89 Detroit. Gale Research. Five volumes. Some volumes may be out of print.

Everitt, Charles P. Adventures of a Treasure Hunter: A Rare Bookman in Search of American History 1987 Meyerbooks. Quite an entertaining book, mostly consisting of anecdotes about the author's many years of buying and selling rare Americana. Originally published in 1951 so the books he refers to are even rarer now.

George, Mark A. Price Guide of World War I and World War II Books and Manuals 19,000 price entries on more than 13,000 books.

Hand, Richard A. A Bookman's Guide to the Indians of the Americas: A Compilation of over 10,000 Catalogue Entries With Prices and Annotations

Howes, Wright U.S.iana 1650-1950

Johnson, Merle (revised by Jacob Blanck) American First Editions

Leab, Katharine and Daniel Leab (editors) American Book Prices Current Annual Bancroft-Parkman

McCarty, Dennis Western Americana: A Price Guide To 3000 Books Relating To The Trans-Mississippi West 1985 Clarendon Hills. The Willow Press. 120 pages.

Morrison., Shelly Western Americana Catalogue Prices: 18,000 price entries for non-Texas Western Americana 1997 W M Morrison Books

Morrison., Shelly Texana Catalogue Prices:12,000 Price entries on Texana offered for sale in 1996 Out-of-print

Seagrave, Ronald Roy Civil War books, Confederate & Union including related titles ranging from historical archeological to slavery : a bibliography & price guide : over 150 modern titles reviewed 1995 Sergeant Kirkland's Museum and Historical Society, Fredericksburg, Va. ,

Seagrave, Ronald Roy Civil War autographs & manuscripts prices current, 1992 : every Confederate general, confirmed and unconfirmed & every Union general confirmed during the Civil War, plus cabinet members, naval & enlisted personnel, artists, photographers, and related ephemera Out-of-print

Shifflet, Lee A Bookman's Guide to Americana 1991 Scarecrow Press. 524 pages

Smith, Geoffrey D. American Fiction, 1901-1925 : A Bibliography 1997 Cambridge Univ Press

Streeter, Thomas W. A Bibliography of Texas, 1795-1845 1996 University Press of Virginia

Streeter, Thomas W. Bibliography of Texas 1795-1845 1960 Cambridge. Harvard University Press

Whale, G.J. Kim Hudson's Bay to Haro Strait: Books on Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest: A Collectors' Guide 1998 The first and only comprehensive description and price guide to approximately 1,800 of the most important and collectible books on Western Canada, the Arctic and the North Pacific. Includes extensive information on Indians, the fur trade, gold rushes and early voyages and settlement. Also includes a history of the Hudson's Bay Record Society and its books, the Geological Survey publications and others. All priced and described bibliographically and for contents - and thoroughly indexed. $100 Can. $65 U.S. Order directly from the author at:


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