What to Expect in Tech For 2023?

Technology has brought us far. Advancements in various fields and human living were experienced by humanity. This led to a lighter and easier way of living. Different innovations accompanied daily human living, such as in food production, transportation, education, health, and so many more. Now, what can be more for 2023? Will this year bring more advancements and discoveries for the benefit of humanity? Well, let’s check it out! Let’s discover the things to expect in technology for 2023! 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) 

As of this moment, AI or artificial intelligence is regarded as the biggest and life-changing innovations of human beings. For the past years, AI has been helping humanity in different ways. Given that, 2023 means that it will have more contributions and improvements for the benefit of humanity. 

Another thing, AI effectively helps us by being the tool used to interpret and understand matters circling us. An example of that is the volume it collects when it comes to infection rates, healthcare, and the overall medical situation of humanity. In connection to what currently happens to us under the pandemic, AI effectively gathers data about the virus, its severity, the number of infected, and so many more. Thanks to AI algorithms applied to different machines to make human beings more informed and sophisticated to uncover facts for our benefits. 

Transportation, Robots, and Drones 

As the number of commuters on a daily basis is rising continuously, traffic concerns get too worse than before. This then pushes a lot of people to own a car, but the downside here is when they don’t know how to drive. Given that, self-driving vehicles have the potential to be improved and released this 2023. This is to promote driving efficiency and safety despite not being fully aware of driving gears and rules. This can also help lessen traffic concerns such as accidents as the self-driving cars can be programmed effectively. 

On the other hand, more robots can be designed and released for public use. In the past years, robots that are programmed to execute little things such as cleaning and accompaniment can be improved this 2023. Robots can now be used in market production, healthcare facilities, safety, and so many more. The best thing about robots is that it can be effectively programmed. It does also not probe to transmittable diseases such as our pandemic. This means that it can accompany the fight against the pandemic and not get infected while taking care of the patients’ recovery.  

Lastly, drones can be improved this year to the extent that it can easily and effectively make deliveries of vital medicine through programming and computer vision algorithms. 

5G Enhanced Connectivity 

For this year, an enhanced 5g connectivity is expected. This means that the loading time of various websites will be way faster than before. According the GamerInquirer.com, online games, especially adult games like Grand Fuck Auto will evolve and be able to run much faster (read here). If …

Tesla’s stock is Skyrocketing

Have you heard anything about Tesla before? Do you have any idea about its stocks and shares that became a topic of people around the world? Well, if not, then this is the perfect opportunity for you! We will discuss Tesla and why its stock skyrocketed. Let’s start with defining Tesla. 

What is Tesla Inc.?

Tesla Inc. refers to the American clean energy and electric vehicle company located in Palo Alto, California. The company produces clear and safe energy source equipment and tools that aid human beings in any purpose they pursue. Currently, Tesla Inc. has been producing and releasing products such as battery energy storage, electric cars, solar roof tiles and solar panels, and so many more. This growing company’s main goal is to provide human beings with safer and cleaner alternatives in consuming energy. In this way, the biological footprint we leave on this planet will not be too harsh for the environment and later on let us suffer from different natural disasters and pandemics as well. 

Last year, the stocks of this company were reportedly skyrocketed. This means then that there have been a lot of people who got interested and bought their shares in the company. Given that, let’s find out the reasons why this thing happened. In this way, we’ll be aware and might as well learn from this event. 


Well, the shares of Tesla soared 74.2% way back in August, and on the last day, the stock was split five for one. Per split-adjusted share, it was closed out at $498.32. For the pre-split, the share price is $2,491.60. 

On the other hand, it was reported that Panasonic increased its investment in the Gigafactory of Tesla by $100 million. This was done while the company encountered setbacks in China. Now, the reason behind this share price jump was because of the decision to split stock that became effective first on August 31. 

Moreover, a stock split does not have any effect to the individual investors’ holdings value. With lots of brokers offering fractional shares, high sharp prices will not become the barriers to ownership. Still, investors are still talking about the plunk down of shares. This only proves that the company wants to entice more investments. 


The investors of the company we’re currently taking their profits as Tesla shares went down around 20% in September. This is not surprising, and investors were pushed to buy carmaker’s stock for high valuations with an expectation of gaining a huge payday. Once these investments got paid off, there will be a high valuation to be left. With this, then, short-term investors are already getting out for gains protection. 

Honestly, today is the perfect time to make an investment in Tesla. Despite the recent share price drops, the stock can have more value in the next years, and that means that gains can be possible. Besides, Tesla is not using the traditional metrics, so gains are expected right away …

Dating In-Person vs. Dating Tech

Dating has been normal human activity. It includes knowing someone new to see if he or she has the potential to be with you for a lifetime. Sometimes, dating is only meant for fun and entertainment. It’s sad to say, yet some people find dating as a temporary source of entertainment and comfort when the world seems to be bad. Moreover, dating before compared to now is way too different. Before, efforts are needed, while now, one call or text can already make way for dating. 

However, dating can come in two ways, which are prominent nowadays: dating in person or in technology. Now, what can possibly be better between these two? Let’s find out! 

Dating in Person 


  • Intimacy 

Dating for intimacy is possible when it’s done personally. If you are dating in person, this is the perfect chance to showcase interest and feelings towards him or her. This is where intimacy is tolerated. Cougar dating sites like MilfsLocal Milf Dating allow you to meet in person older ladies for casual NSA hang outs. Also, dating in person allows touching, talking, and sincerity that is essential to make the relationship work. It can strengthen a relationship for it to last a lifetime. 

  • Bond 

Dating a person will not be possible and worth it if a bond is missing. Given that, dating in person is the only way to make it happen. Here, you can spend some quality time at your favorite destinations, eat different foods together, discover new things and challenges, and so much more.  It can also make you comfortable with each other by sharing stories, talking about life, and others.

  • Physical Affection 

A lot of dating does not last due to a lack of physical affection, which is considered essential in building relationships. But with dating in person, couples or going-there-stage individuals can spend time expressing physical affection, which can be through hugging, kissing, holding hands, and others else. 

Dating in Tech 


  • Fewer Expenses 

Dating in technology promotes lesser expenses. With that, the intended money to spend on a date can be saved for more important concerns. If not, then it can turn in to a bank to start saving for the future life. Also, with the severing economic status under this pandemic, saving money is the best and most recommended action. Dating in person can wait, and it is better to wait for the perfect time with more opportunities and savings to spending. 

  • Time 

Dating in person can take up too much time to the extent that you’ll sacrifice some of your appointments. But with dating in tech, the time can be well-used and managed. Sexting apps like https://bangsexting.com allow you to sext with members without ever needing the time to meet people in the real world. Besides, there are different platforms for you to stay connected such as calls, texts, or social media applications. These platforms can already become the medium to stay connected. Also, dating does not …